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Viktor Chernov

Odessa, Ukraine
Viktor Chernov


Website - application for seo analysis of sites. The basis laid parser keyword positions in delivery Yandex and Google search engines

One of my clients, who was involved in seo optimization of websites, showed me the online service for the removal of positions of keywords and expressed a desire to fuck the same for their needs.

I had to copy the functionality of the client part of the service, and the backend had to write yourself.
The database I built from the tables, fields which were called by name the variables that are passed in the json format.
Some turned out to be functional at all unclaimed.

Thus, refined the missing parts, get something close to resembling the original.
Problematic was implemented eat products from Google. For this it was necessary to make the entire server system
with different ip address, and parse the real issue with a small interval of time, in order not to fall under the spam filters.

With this easy to yandex analytics. It provides a service api access and 1,000 queries per day that the veil from her head
my needs. I have multiple accounts for this purpose.

So, what do you think ?

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